Working Dude Ranch in Montana

Jim and I thank you so very much for all your efforts to allow folks to experience a real working cattle ranch. I realize that it takes a good deal of effort and energy to do the things that you do that make this work. It is a blessing to have met you all and especially your Mom, Hip. Her stories and gentle presence and most importantly her wonderful cooking and baking were very much the key to our enjoyment of the whole week. She is a gem. We wish you a great season, full each week, and many of God’s blessings as your family works to protect and preserve the TX and all that it can provide.

Susan & Jim Furman

I just wanted to thank both of you for giving Kristina and I a great 1st vacation. We had the best time on your ranch. On the flight home, Kris was already missing it and we are already trying to get our dates together for another trip next year for sure. Her sister wants to join us on the next trip as well. We’ve been married for 16 years and never had a honeymoon or a vacation together and we are both glad our first was at your Ranch and so will our next. So keep the Ranch going and we will spread the word about it. Thanks Again.

Geoff & Kris

Yes, it was pretty much all agreed among our group how much we missed riding the open range, the bustling campfire evenings, and the tremendous freedom you gave the guests at TX. After we all read Phi’s mail, we all had a sigh of relief on picking the right place to go. Don’t change a thing!

Jackie Broom

We both got home well and then the shock came, its over again! Already dreaming again for next year. We will be back so I hope to see you again next year at the TX or at our wedding, details will follow over the next months or so. Well I hope to hear from you guys and gals. I think it was a blast of a week and will remember much about it. You are the best! THANKS for making this a special week for us, we both THANK you all for this, we miss you all.

Ollie & Annie

I had the best time!!! Your ranch is so beautiful and vast! I mostly liked it when Hip sent us on missions – Go get those cows up there on that foothill and bring em down! : ) What a blast, I have never had so much fun in my entire life! A little hard on the legs though. I’m pretty sure at this point; you will probably see us again! Possibly same time next year! Well, Thanks again and it was great meeting all of you as well.

Cynthia Kelly

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for the wonderful time that I enjoyed at your ranch and the drive! Most people here at home thinks I’m crazy for doing this. Some people just don’t get the beauty of the land, freedom of the wide open spaces, and the desire to work at doing a job that you learn as you go. Both of you have shared your love of this with those who arrive and make the trip there very enjoyable! I can’t wait to come back in a couple of years to do this again! I told my wife that I now have been to more states than her, but I got to one on a horse!! Again I thank you both for a great time at your ranch!

Bob Ferrara

I got back in Belgium on Monday, and I just want to let you know that I had a wonderful time on the TX ranch! I want to thank you for your hospitality and your efforts that made it a great holiday, and I hope we’ll meet again in the future. I want to come back…

Philippe Hardy

I can only say one thing; I had the best time of my life. My daughter and I are already collecting money to come back. Hip and his companions are a great team. Thank you for the very beautiful week. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

Geert Coene & Family

Just a quick email to say thank you ever so much for such a brilliant week…fantastic, still recovering from 7 hour time difference but have lots of happy memories and I lived a dream. Thanks again and hope to see you in the next couple of years.


I have just returned to Stirling in Scotland tonight. I want to let you know I will carry my memories of this holiday for a long long while, and just want to thank you for giving me the holiday of a life time. Life can sometimes become very stressful in my line of business, but my stay at the ranch has been the best tonic I have ever found!


I would like to thank each of you for helping to create such a great experience for everyone during our stay at the TX. You made me feel welcome in your home and on your ranch. You impress me as being some of the best and nicest people I have ever met. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and visit with you, Abby. You are gem. I hope that you are feeling better.I just wanted to thank you and your family for another unbelievable week. I will remember this adventure for the rest of my life. Both my father and I had a great time. You guys really do and excellent job and treat everyone as if they were part of your family… It is no wonder that 70% of your guests come back again and again. I would like to come back next year…


Please pass along my sincere appreciation to Hip, Dez, Shane, Britt and Sam for all of their efforts to make my stay a fabulous one. You have a fantastic crew, a beautiful ranch and I truly enjoy spending time with all of you.

Bill Strouse

Thank you for the awesome adventure. Phred, Dave and I enjoyed the trip tremendously return to the Midwest with new energy and great memories.

John Valencheck

Just booked to come to the TX Ranch the other day. Loretta was most helpful in answering all my questions. I know without a doubt this will be the REAL thing. I rode horses when I was a kid, much older now and I guess I am going thru my second childhood–if I am that is ok too!! I know in my heart I just want to be a cowboy and when I leave that ranch I will be one!!! Happy Trails to all


For those who want to experience the life and times of a real working cattle ranch, the TX Ranch certainly fills the bill. If you are not afraid of good honest hands on work, feasting on down home cooking and riding sure footed cow pony’s, there is no better place, all the while enjoying the nights around the camp fire to laugh and joke about the days experiences. The hospitality of the ranch staff and the taking in of the wide expanses of range draws me back to the TX Ranch year after year. I tip my hat to the Tillett family and their staff for helping me experience the life on the range.

Alan S.

I have known Hip & Loretta for many years and can testify that they are the “Real Deal”. They are as authentic as you will ever find. If you want a true western ranch experience the TX Ranch is where you want to go!

Dave Wagner

Hi, I grew up on a ranch in eastern Montana and now own a western store in Billings, Montana, and would just like to encourage anyone looking for a real ranching experience to go to the TX Ranch. Hip & Loretta know the ranching business, horses, cattle and all that goes with running a ranch. If you desire to be part of something authentic, the TX Ranch should be your choice. Happy trails, Barb

Barb Wagner

I started at the TX about 16 years ago and will be making my 12th trip this year (07). I was looking for a no frills, authentic working cattle ranch, way back then, and I found one. If you like riding, it doesn’t get any better then this… I’m 62 and only ride when I come to the TX. So don’t be bashfull, sign up now and Live the West (minus the hostil indians) not just read about it.

Wild Bill

Finnaly I’m going back to TX to ride with people I concidder as friends. After 12 times at the ranch in the last 15 years it has become an importent part of my life, a part I will allways remember.
Well, I’am looking forward to ride with you, ride the plains and the high country and allso to ride with Steve Allen again.