Ranch Staff


Meet Abbie Tillett, Hip’s mother. She began the guest ranch back in 1976.


Loretta Tillett, back at the home place. Pictured here with our new little Grand Cow Girl, Payton! “I’m here to help anyone with their questions or emails anytime!” When time permits, Loretta loves to come out to camp and enjoy our guests, the cowboy living, riding and cattle activities. “The guest ranch business has been handed down by my mother-in-law, someone I respect greatly (Abbie Tillett).” My skills well what can I say, I’m learning everyday!!!



Hip Tillett has been with the TX Ranch his entire life. He is an honest, trustworthy cowboy, as well as quite the character! Hip knows cattle and horses in and out. He has always enjoyed guests and working alongside them. He aims to please and loves to tease, so don’t be shy!



Meet Desiree Tillett, Hip and Loretta’s daughter. She helps with everything from wrangling horses to starting and finishing colts, to working cattle alongside the guests. She’s a good little roper and here to help with any and all activities. She enjoys guests, good conversation and riding with everyone.

Dez.Hanna.Ida.TonyindexTX Ranch Crew

Pictured Left to Right: Hannah, Dez, Tony & Ida
tonyTony Myers AK: Whiskers

A nice quiet gentleman. A pleasure to be around. He’s been with the TX the past three years now and has learned a great deal. Whiskers helps Hip on the ranch and guest ranch with everything from feeding livestock, all cattle working cattle activities, doctoring, riding, fencing, ranch projects, KP duty! and whatever it may be! We enjoy his company and good help.