TX Ranch & Guest Ranch History

The year was 1895, the days when the American West was known as the “Wild West.” Not long after the shootout at the O.K. Corral, the TX Ranch was founded. William Tillett, married Bessie Strong-Tillett, and their homestead was established on Crooked Creek north of Lovell, Wyoming.

Why the TX? After all, we’re not anywhere near Texas: The first herd of cattle was purchased by Bessie’s father, Frank Strong, from Amarillo, Texas, and the right hip brand has never changed. This was the beginning of the TX brand on the Montana | Wyoming border. Fast forward to 1976; the TX Ranch was established as a working cattle guest ranch.

We credit Abbie Tillett for the mother-lode of the guest portion of the ranch. Abbie started the guest ranch to help put the ranch back on its feet during difficult times. She took care of ranch bookings and cooked over an open fire using dutch ovens and a wood cook stove. Abbie still loves to cook and help out on the ranch when ever possible. Both Abbie and her husband Lloyd Tillett were true western characters who enjoyed ranching and worked hard as a team to preserve their life style.

Hip Tillett, Lloyd and Abbie’s son and Loretta, Hip’s wife along with their daughters Desiree and Sheena and other family members, friends and staff help out with the ranching and guest ranch. We feel fortunate to have met friends from every walk of life around the globe. To date, nearly 70 percent of our guests return to the ranch. We wish to thank each and everyone who have visited the TX Ranch.

On behalf of Curtis Productions LTD, TX Ranch participated in “The Real Cowboy: Portrait of an American Icon” for The History Channel, which aired several times throughout the season. Also the TX Ranch participated in “Jamie Oliver’s; American Road Trip” for UK Channel 4.

The rest is history…