Image Gallery – Cattle Drive Vacations

Feel the rope in your hands and the dust in the air as you experience an authentic working Wyoming dude ranch vacation experience at the TX Ranch of Wyoming/Montana. Know the sights and sounds of those early pioneers who entered an untamed land and set out to carve a living from hard work and the freedom of plains, as you enjoy an authentic ranching experience alongside over 1000 head of cattle.

From our 19th century roots when William and Bessie Strong-Tillett first arrived in this land, our family has preserved the tradition of the early American West, and thrived in this vast landscape with hard work and perseverance. Now they have opened their home so that others can understand the labors and triumphs of those early settlers, as you and your family experience a true western ranch as you learn horsemanship skills, how to guide and work the cattle, and enjoy the vast, scenic landscape of Wyoming/Montana.

Browse these images to get a sense of the true ranch experience, or contact us with any questions you may have regarding schedules, accommodations, or to learn more about life on our dude ranch.