Cowboy Ranch Vacation in Wyoming

Starting off, Hip our main cowboy will help choose a horse for you which will best suit you and your riding level. Most of the TX horses are registered quarter horses. The ranch saddle horses know their jobs, they are very sure-footed, they know how to pick a path with ease in all range terrains and it’s elements. The TX horses are known for taking good care of their rider. When riding for cattle it doesn’t take long before you’ll feel at home in the saddle and at ease with your mount.

Our daily riding activities are fun, exciting and genuine. For beginner and/or intermediate riders, we offer unique very scenic rides involving less distance and less terrain if desired. For experienced riders we offer much of the same with greater terrain and distance allowing for an exceptional unlimited ride.

Our daily ranching and livestock activities are determined by calf growth through out our season plus daily or seasonal needs and requirements. Guests are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! You’ll have the freedom to use your horse with cattle as necessary. Our cowboys are happy to help show you how it’s done! We want you to feel like part of the family and one of the cowboys!

Our days range from riding the distance it takes to spread out in separate small groups and cover separate areas. We begin rounding up and gathering cattle and driving them to feasible working location where everybody meets with their herds. During cattle drive weeks we cut out cow/calf pairs or cows and bulls as necessary during cattle drives. After cattle are gathered during most seasonal weeks we begin roping in the herd for branding, ear tagging, vaccinating, doctoring, castrating and dehorning. We check range pastures for our strays that need to be driven back with in TX Ranch boundary pastures. Also any other strays we drive back to their proper range pastures too. We also drive our horses to and from camp each day this is a daily morning and evening drive. If you would like to join in just ask our wrangler! Please keep in mind our riding and ranch activities are not compulsory, your welcome to sit back and watch or enjoy the ride. Your also welcome to ride on your own too!

At the end of an eventful day there is nothing like riding back to camp for a great ranch style home-cooked meal! We enjoy reminiscing the day and some tunes or guitar around a warm open campfire, while listening to the coyotes howling in the distance. We also like to practice roping so you can count on a roping match or two, what ever it may be! Take a step back in time – away from it all for an authentic true west experience you’ll never forget.

Don’t just visit the West ~ Live it!