Experience the American West alongside 1000 head of cattle, and live the history of those first pioneers who settled an untamed land, and made legends of their hard work and iconic lifestyles. At the TX Ranch of Wyoming/Montana, Hip, Loretta, and our daughter Desiree Tillett will share the struggles and triumphs over a century of family ranching tradition as they share the ways of a true Western experience and survival that has helped their family thrive since their great grandparents arrived to these lands back in 1895.

The TX Ranch features over 13,000 acres of rugged and picturesque open range terrain, surrounded by the rich landscape of Wyoming, featuring rich landscape of Wyoming/Montana featuring vast scenic grass country and forestland alike. As our guests, you will be fully engrossed in a true rancher’s life, learning to drive cattle, horsemanship, and the freedom of the open plains as you work the same vast country that William Tillett and Bessie Strong-Tillett worked back in 1895, when our founders cut their own niche of the American Wild West.

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